Small Idea, Big Result

We started with a small idea that had big implications. We wanted a trusted way to design and develop. This is what makes us unique...

Quality Not Quantity

We interviewed quite a few people and they all said the same thing.  They couldn't trust the quality of developer in many freelance market places.  We are changing that through strict quality control, rigerous interviewing and constant feedback.  Don't think for a moment that anyone will do your job.  The developers that work for eKast have a seal of approval no other site can promise.  Don't sacrifice quality for quantity!

Trusted Solutions For You

We offer not only one off project developments but full time or part time virtual developers for you to add to your team.  If you have on-going work, hiring one of our staff will not only save you time but will save you money as well.  If you just have a "one-off", no worries, we can easily handle that as well.


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Find Reliable Work

Are you interested in finding work through eKast? Please sign up as a vendor - please note - we don't allow just anyone to join. We do background checks and you will be interviewed. Our interview consists of two major parts - character and competence. So bring your "A" game because at eKast we highly regard integrity, trust and loyalty.

Development Done Right

If you are new to development/design and are concerned about finding the right person for the job, let us handle it. We will remove the stress and hassle for you by using our trusted team. With us your project isn't going to some guy making a profile and setting up fake reviews. You just kick back and relax while we handle the hard part. We will always compete on price. If you can find it less, with the same level of quality - we will match it.

What May We Help You Create Today?

Hire programmers, web developers, designers, writers, videographers & more. And do it all at a fraction of the cost. Only at eKast will you find the worlds most trusted designers and developers. Don't waste your energy on freelance market places that allow anyone to sign up. They will only lead to frustration. eKast takes pride in keeping a small team of highly talented individuals who work for you through us.

Pay For Your Job

Once the work is finished you can pay for the job using Master Card or Visa. We use a business verified Paypal gateway to make sure your money is secure. If you ever need resolution we have a dedicated staff to help resolve any payment issues you may have.

Better for Developers

The number one complaint we get from developers around the globe is saturation.  Almost every online market place for development and graphic design allows any cowboy to sign up.  This creates multiple problems such as saturation points, undercutting and poor quality control.  At eKast, we hand select our team by using a prioritized system to interview our vendors based on compitence and character.  We take pride in our curated team members and they take pride in working under the eKast banner.  Kast your worries aside, we have it covered.  

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Our Promise

We started small in Wellington, New Zealand.  After one year our stats were impressive.  eKast saved New Zealand alone over $70,000.00 in our first year!  Not bad for a small kiwi based tech-start up.  Then we pushed into the global market place.  eKast has served over 4 countries and have completed hundreds of jobs in the last year alone.  But, life hasn't always been so peachy and we learned a few things along the way.  That is why we promise you this:

1.  To Provide You With A Reliable, High Quality Product.

2.  To Give You The Best Possible Customer Service.

3.  To Make You Laugh or Smile -

P.S. Number 3 will probably happen naturally when you see how much you have saved using eKast.


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